Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Learning to drive - Useful links

In this post we are just collecting all the useful links there are out there on the web about learning to drive.

Driving Standards Agency (DSA) sites
DSA learner driver home page
Apply for a provisional licence
Search for local driving instructors.
Stuff about the theory test
Stuff about the practical test

Other useful learning to drive sites.
Most of these are either advertising their driving school or are selling something else. This is fair enough, just bear in mind the information is not always impartial.
This site from LDC has a lot of useful information on it, especially this page about what the examiners are looking for. is a useful site. It appears to be sponsored by Accidents Direct and the AA.
As you'd expect from the biggest school in the country BSM's site has lots of snazzy gadgets to play with.

There are quite a few online databases of driving instructors. They are not comprehensive lists, they are just other ways for driving instructors to advertise and get pupils. The DSA site will have a pretty comprehensive list because all the instructors registered with them are listed unless they opt out. The Driving Instructors Association is a professional organisation that instructors can join and they have a search facility for you to find their members in your area. This is no absolute guarantee of quality but membership would imply that the instructor takes their job seriously.

This post will no doubt be updated frequently.

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